Boids and Stealth.  What could go wrong.  

You are a nanobot experiment that has finally had enough.  After having been joined together by a swarm of high tech nanobots, you can somewhat control them and give them instructions.  Join together for protection, or take risks with low protection and big swarms, activating levers and distracting guards ordered to kill.  I did the programming and @CONORIUS worked with the 3d art.  The nanoswarm code is mostly from Sebastian Lague's Boids video and I also used his Field Of View video.  Adding adjustments that let me "destroy" them, set separate targets, and a little extra.

Left Click to move around, right click to move around a flexible nanoswarm.   Space to return the nanoswarm, your nanoswarm must be joined together with you to finish the level.

WASD and scroll wheel to move camera.  

Only 4 "playable levels".  An ambitious game that almost succeeded for the GMTK 2021 jam.

Although the web build is buggy, I can't say the windows build will be any better.

Why did I leave 2019.4.18f1. 

Low poly security guard created by Jose Manuel.


Download 22 MB


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Just finished streaming this one. Looking forward to seeing where the idea goes!